What to do with your broken chipped gemstone bracelets

Don’t throw away your lovely gemstone bracelets just because the elastic has snapped. Recycle them either in crystal healing layouts or use them to create a fun mandala. You could take it a step further and spend some time relaxing and colouring in your mandala whilst setting your intent as to what you want your layout to do. Below is my business or money mandala. It was created using a snapped Citrine chipped bracelet and a few tumblestones. I chose this particular mandala as it had a star in the middle which for me represents wishes and dreams. The wavy lines signified a gentle flowing of energy which there needs to be to create a healthy balance. It is no good overspending or being too frugal as this causes the imbalance or stagnation or energy. So save a little and spend a little is my motto. 

I placed a lovely Malachite tumblestone in the center to attract financial abundance. I then used the little citrine chips from my bracelet to create the healthy flow of financial energy. The citrine chips outside the mandala is that abundance that is yet to come and is seen to be entering the mandala. 

Around the Malachite, I chose Rose Quartz for love as I want to create a loving business. I placed a Herkimar Diamond to bring in the spiritual element as my business is spiritually based. Beside this is a Lepidolite so that I don’t get stressed at work or about money in any way. Being stressed about your finances will create worry and negative energy which we want to avoid at all costs. I then placed a black tourmaline so that it deflects any jealousy or negative energy that may be floating around. Lastly I placed Amethyst to bring calm and protection to all within. 

Outside the Mandala I place some more tumblestones of Flourite to bring clarity of mind and help with memory. I put some dumortierite to help with my communication as this is essential when running a business or in every day life. A piece of goldstone to allow me to achieve my goals and lastly some angelite so blend the help of my angels into my mandala.

You can interchange the tumblestones dependant on your needs. 

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