The Chakra System


Chakra comes from Sanskrit meaning wheel. Of all the systems in the body the Chakra’s are the least tangible and most mysterious as they go unseen to most people. The purpose of the chakra’s is to transform the higher vibrational energy into a form that can be used by the human body.

There are many chakra’s situated all over our body but the most prominent ones are the seven major chakra’s running down the midline of the body in line with the spine. These seven chakra’s each relate to particular organs within the body and particular emotions. When the chakra’s are in balance each of the organs and emotions function properly.

Each of the chakra’s spin at it’s own frequency the slowest being the base chakra, the fastest being the crown chakra and create a connection between the physical body and the higher levels of consciousness. When we develop problems within our subconscious levels it leads to blockages within the chakra system. As the chakra’s connect directly with the physical body through the nervous and endocrine system, these blockages cause the body to become dis at ease or diseased and if not corrected will manifest into a physical ailment.

Each chakra is associated with it’s own colour, gemstone or crystal, characteristics and linked to a part of the body. Below is a list of some of the associations.

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